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The Decline of the Textile Market in India

  • Cotton industries developed in England and they did not want textiles to be imported from other countries like India.
  • Import duties were imposed on Indian textiles that entered England. This made imported goods costlier and soon imports declined. The textiles made in India did not have a market now.
  • Indian textile exports declined from 33 % to 3% in the mid 1880s.
  • The Manchester Textile Company in England flourished due to the import duties.
  • Soon textiles manufactures in England, were sold in India, through the East India Company.

The problems faced by the textile manufacturers in India in the late 1800s

  • Exports declined and import of textiles increased. That is, the Indian textile manufactures could neither sell their goods outside India nor could they sell their goods inside India.
  • Import of English textiles into India increased from 31 % to 50 %.
  • As imported machine –made textiles was cheaper, the Indian weavers could not compete with it.
  • Raw cotton from India was exported to feed the Cotton mills of England and the Indian textile industry was without enough raw materials.
  • Soon mechanised textile mill were also set up in India and the hand -weavers were virtually without any work.

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