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Conquests, Disease, and Trade

The 16th century saw a major swing towards globalization as the Europeans discovered a sea-route to Asia and also crossed the Western ocean to America. Until this discovery only the Indian ocean was bustling with trade, with India being the trade centre in the busy network. The new route now linked Europe, America, Asia and Africa, enhancing trade greatly. This free trade and travel also witnessed the spread of deadly disease like small-pox.

Man’s quest for power and possession led to many conquests and colonization. The Portuguese and Spanish conquest and colonization of America started by in the 16th century. The main weapon used by the Spanish was not military weapons but disease causing germs. These deadly germs killed whole communities, paving the way for conquest. One of the first such germs to be used were the ‘small pox’ germs. This kind of warfare was known as ‘Biological warfare’.

Poverty and disease raged in Europe during the 18th century. People fled Europe to settle down in America. During this period China and India were among the world’s richest countries. As China sought isolation and restricted trade, the centre of world trade moved westward.

Towards the end of the 18th century, in a fast shrinking world, Europe slowly emerged as the centre of world trade.

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