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The Routes that Linked the World

Intercontinental trading started in the 8th century. Silk was one of the first products to cross the shores of its origin. Chinese silk traveled westward, linking Asia with Europe and Northern Africa. Thus was drawn the ‘silk route’, linking a major part of the world… the first step towards globalization. Chinese pottery and Indian textiles and spices took the same ‘silk route’, while gold and silver flowed from Europe to Asia.

With the exchange of trade, cultural and religious exchange also took place. Christian missionaries traveled from Europe to Asia , as did the early Muslim preacher, while the Buddhist Monks emerged from eastern India to reach the western shores.


Food that Found New Roots

Along with the traders, food also traveled, it found new roots and blossomed in the new land. The Chinese noodles became the Italian spaghetti, while soya, potatoes and maize found their new roots in Europe and Asia after Christopher Columbus discovered America.

A truly Global society emerged in the early 16th century.

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