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Talking Modern and Looking Modern

The elites in Vietnam were powerfully influenced by Chinese culture, and this was a problem faced by the French. So they wanted to change the traditional educational system and establish French schools for the Vietnamese. But since Chinese was the language used by the elites, there were two broad opinions they thought about.

  • Some policymakers emphasised that the medium of instruction should be the French language.

  • Vietnamese would be introduced to the culture and civilisation of France through the language.

  • French being the only medium of instruction was opposed by many.

  • It was suggested that Vietnamese be taught in lower classes and French in the higher classes.

French Influence

  • Many people could not enroll themselves in schools and this was largely because two-thirds of the students were deliberately detained so that they could not qualify for the better-paid jobs.

  • The Vietnamese were not looked up as an intellectual crowd but as agricultural labourers. Schools were places where children were told that only French rule could ensure peace in Vietnam.

In 1907, Tonkin Free School was started to provide a western style education. Many subjects were taught in this school. But that was not enough to be modern. The Vietnamese had to look modern. For this western look, they had to forego many of their traditional concepts.


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