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Women as Warriors

In the 1960s, the women were portrayed as young, brave and dedicated. Many stories of great women were told to motivate other women. Women were represented not only as warriors but also as workers: They were shown as having an instrument in one hand and a weapon in the other. This was irrespective of their age.

  • In the 1960s, women were urged to join the struggle in larger numbers.

  • Many women responded to this and joined in the armies.

  • As many as 1.5 million women joined the army.

Women as Warriors

Women in Times of Peace  :-

As peace talks began to get under, by the 1970s, and the end of the war seemed near, women were no longer represented as warriors.

  • Women began to predominate as workers.

  • They were mainly looked upon as working in agricultural cooperatives, factories and production units, rather than as fighters.

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