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After the Revolution

  • The Revolution, became an inspiration and a guideline for all revolutionaries and communists, from Marx to Lenin, as they plotted to overthrow the bad world in order to inaugurate a better way of running the government

Karl Marx

  • Many states were vulnerable, and in the right circumstances they can be overthrown.
  • Governments began to employ informers and eavesdroppers as a standard practice everywhere to keep an eye on revolutionaries and rebels.
  • After the Revolution all states had a secret police such as the FBI and the KGB. However a secret police isn’t capable to control mass movements as the Revolution showed.
  • The governments had to ensure that the population of a state was not deeply discontented.
  • The Revolution forced the governments to justify themselves, to defend the way they were structured and the way they did things.

The French Revolution was the deserving death knell for the old system of monarchy in Europe. Unfortunately, in too many places the governments which replaced ancient regimes was as bad or worse than those which preceded them. The chaos and violence which Napoleon helped bring about has only in the last fifty years been successfully worked out of the European system.

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