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Italy Unified

  • Italians were scattered all over the world.
  • During the middle of the nineteenth century Italy was divided into seven states
  • Of these seven states only Sardinia-Piedmont, was ruled by an Italian princely house,.
  • The north was under Austrian Habsburgs
  • The centre was ruled by the Pope
  • The southern regions were under the domination of the Bourbon kings of Spain.
  • The Italian language had many regional and local variations and had not acquired one common form.
  • During the 1830s, a secret society called Young Italy was formed by Giuseppe Mazzini, for the dissemination of his goals.

Vittorio Emanuele II

  • Chief Minister Cavour who was neither a revolutionary nor a democrat, led the movement to unify the regions of Italy.
  • A large number of armed volunteers under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi joined the fray. They succeeded in winning the support of the local peasants.
  • In1861 Victor Emmanuel II was proclaimed king of united Italy.

However, much of the Italian population, remained unaware of liberal nationalist ideology, while many others had not even heard of the names.

Unification of Italy

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