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The Age of Revolutions: 1830 - 1848

  • The Parisian February revolution of 1848 was a victory of harmonious reconciliation between high and low.
  • Roman Catholic clergymen and common men broke into the king's Tuileries to sanctify the new republic.

A great number of artists depicted the historic moment of historic accord.

Reconciliation between High and Low


Since World War I, generations of national historians in the states Austria-Hungary have depicted the Austrian chancellor of 1849, Schwarzenberg, as a national enemy.



In response to the critics, a biography history of Prince Felix von Schwarzenberg characterized him as Austria's savior.

However the aftermath of collapse of the iron curtain changed matters. All historical verdicts are in a state of constant change. Historical suppositions are kaleidoscopic. The passage of time shifts all perspectives. New rulers replace those holding power.

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