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The French Revolution and Its Impact on Other European States

  • The French Revolution posed a major threat to other European states. the European powers were worried about having a republican state in their midst, one that was tremendously powerful and committed to the notion of exporting this new government into surrounding territories. Some of the royal houses were related to the Bourbons or to Marie Antoinette. Leopold II of Austria was committed to restoring his sister, Marie Antoinette, and her husband to the throne.

Marie Antoinette

  • On August 27, 1791, Austria and Prussia issued the Declaration of Pillnitz. This Declaration committed the two countries to restoring the monarchy in France and declared war on the country.
  • By 1792, Britain had joined the war. This counter-revolutionary alliance would light the fire beneath the Revolution and it would, as a result, enter a new, more radical terrifying, stage.

Reign of Terror

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