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Measure to be taken During the Tsunami

When we talk about measures that have to be followed during a tsunami, we should take into consideration where a person is when a tsunami strikes.
A person could be at sea in a boat or ship or he could be on land.

Measures to be Taken When One is on Land

  • When a tsunami warning is sounded, the whole family should immediately shift to a safer place.
  • People could move to the upper floors of a multi-storied building.
  • People should have disaster supplies kit with them.
  • People who have cattle should take them along.
  • People should stay away from rivers that flow into the sea.
  • They should leave low-lying coastal areas.
  • They should listen to the radio or TV for the latest up date on the situation.
    Disaster Supplies Kit

    Measure to be Taken When One is at Sea

    • When a tsunami warning is sounded do not return to the port.
    • If there is enough time one can move the boat or ship from the port to deeper waters.
    • People in smaller boat can leave their boats and reach safer grounds.

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