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Bombay as the City of Dreams

  • Bombay can be called a city of dreams.
  • The film industry flourished in Bombay. Many films were based on the migrants and the problems they faced.
  • Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatwadekar made the first Hindi Film
  • Raja Harishchandra,
  • a popular movie, was made in the year 1913
    • In 1925, Bombay became India’s film capital and produced films which were viewed by the people all over India.
    • By 1987, the film industry employed 520,000 people.
    • Most of the people in the film industry were migrants who came from cities like Lahore, Calcutta and Madras and contributed to the national character of the industry.

    Cities and the Challenge of the Environment

  • City development caused great harm to the ecology and the environment.
  • Natural features, like hills were flattened out to create more space in the cities.
  • Due to the vast population, air, water and land pollution prevailed.
  • A major challenge faced by big cities all over the world was noise pollution
  • Factories which belched smoke darkened the city skies and caused health hazards for the city dwellers.
  • Factory wastes contaminated the waterways and land.
  • The need for housing destroyed greenery and thus reduced the quality of air
  • Air pollution was one of the major problems faced by the modern cities

  • Factory Smoke Descends on the Cities


    Cities Covered with Fog


  • Factory smoke descended on the cities
  • It caused smoke-related illnesses
  • The use of coal in factories was the reason for factory smoke
  • The use of cow dung and other such material as fuel caused air pollution in countries like India
  • Governments all over the world are doing their best to control pollution and provide a save living space for the growing city dwellers.

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