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Land Reclamation in Bombay

Seven Islands of Bombay


Seven islands were united to form the city of Bombay. The islands were…..

1. Isle of Bombay

2. Colaba

3. Little Colaba or Old Woman's Island

4. Mahim

5. Mazagaon

6. Parel

7. Worli

The nearby islands of Trombay and Salsette were also merged to form the Greater Bombay.

  • The seven islands of Bombay were joined into one landmass over a period of time.
  • The first reclamation project started in 1784.
  • William Hornsby , the then Bombay governor, approved the building of the great sea wall which prevented the flooding of the low-lying areas of Bombay.
  • Several reclamation projects followed.
  • More land was reclaimed from the sea to meet the demand for additional commercial space as trade and industries developed in Bombay
  • Government and private companies, were involved in the reclamation projects
  • The Back Bay Reclamation Company was involved in the project to reclaim the western foreshore from the tip of Malabar Hill to the end of Colaba.
  • Reclamation often meant the levelling of the hills around Bombay.
  • By the 1870s, the city had expanded to 22 square miles.
  • As the population continued to increase rapidly, building was constructed in all the available space and new areas were reclaimed from the sea.
  • The Bombay Port Trust built a dry dock between 1914 and 1918 and used the excavated earth to create the 22-acre Ballard Estate.
  • Eventually the famous Marine Drive of Bombay was developed.

Marine Drive of Bombay


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