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The Cleaning up of London

Various steps were taken to clean up London.

Attempts were made to spread out the tenements. Parks were created and trees were planted to reduce pollution.

Large blocks of apartments were built.

Block Apartments

  • Rent control was introduced in Britain during the First World War to help the severe housing shortage. That is, the government fixed a limit to the rent that can be collected by the house owners.
  • The city dwellers longed for the fresh country side. So a ‘green belt’ was created around London.
  • Ebenezer Howard, an Architect, developed the principle of the Garden City, a city full of plants and trees, where people would both live and work. This would ensure a better quality of life for the city dwellers.
  • The Government realising the need for good housing for the city dwellers built a million houses, most of them single-family cottages.
  • London kept expanding and the suburbs also developed. Modern means of transportation made life easier for the city people.
  • For your information

    Sir Ebenezer Howard was a prominent British urban planner.

    Sir Ebenezer Howard


    Plan of the Garden City


    He called for the creation of new suburban towns of limited size, planned in advance, and surrounded by a permanent belt of agricultural land. These Garden cities were used as a role model for many suburbs. Howard believed that such Garden Cities were the perfect blend of city and nature. The towns would be largely independent, and managed and financed by the citizens who had an economic interest in them.

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