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CBSE Class 11th Science with Maths

CBSE Class 11th Science with Maths


This course is a boon for those who opt for CBSE Class 11th Science with Maths i.e. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math)subject in their school.


CBSE Class 11th Science with Maths

CBSE Class 11th Science with Maths NCERT Course

Get comprehensive information on CBSE Class 11th Science with Maths course based on CBSE Class 11th NCERT Textbooks with Solutions, the best way to prepare for your exam on your own. This CBSE Class 11th PCM NCERT Solutionsis exclusively designed for math lovers.

  • The course discourses the various aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Math and provides a structured and disciplinary-based study material to achieve your new understanding on these subjects.
  • Study notes carrydetailed and clear description of every topic along with animated videos, audio, images, flow charts etc. This new medium of presenting concepts injects enthusiasm into your learning and helps achieve in better understanding.
  • Taking practice tests allows learners to retrieve and then reconstruct their knowledge.
  • Revise is bundled with CBSE Class 11thNCERT questions that are taken from your course text book.

​This course covers following topics:

    Course Modules
  • 1

    Comprehensive Concepts, Processes, Procedures, Principles and much more.

  • 2

    Detailed study material of Chemistry including ample Examples and Equations

  • 3

    Covered all-inclusive topics, basics and formulas along with numerous instances

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