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Phylum IV: Ctenophora

(Greek, Ktenos meaning comb + phora meaning carrying).

This phylum includes animals (about 100 species) which are simple metazoans resembling the coelenterate jellyfish.

General Characteristics
  1. Exhibits bilateral symmetry.
  2. Basically diploblastic but the mesoglea contains some muscle cells.
  3. Ellipsoidal or spherical; transparent body with light rows of comb plates (locomotor organs) on the external surface.
  4. They possess two solid contractile tentacles which emerge from blind pouches. The tentacles are equipped with adhesive cells (colloblasts) instead of nematocysts.
  5. They are hermaphrodites. The fertilised egg develops directly into an adult.

Examples of Ctenophora: A. Pleurobrachia; B. Beroe

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