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  • Gaseous exchange in animals is purely respiratory in nature unlike that in plants. Plants take in carbon dioxide and incorporate it into organic molecules through the process of photosynthesis. The oxygen evolved in the process is given off.
  • Respiration in Humans
  • The passage of air from outside to the lungs is as follows:
    • Nose----Pharynx----Trachea-----Bronchi------Bronchioles-----Alveoli of the lungs.
  • Mechanism of Respiration involves a) inspiration b) expiration
  • Some Common Respiratory Disorders are
    1. Hypoxia
    2. Anaemia
    3. Pneumonia
    4. Emphysema
    5. Tuberculosis
    6. Cough
    7. Influenza or Flu
    8. Pleurisy

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