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Argand Plane

z = a + ib can be represented as an ordered pain (a, b) and plotted as a point in the X - Y plane.
Some complex numbers are shown as points in the X-Y plane in the diagram below

The plane having complex number assigned to each point on it is called a complex plane or Argand plane. In this plane X-axis is called the real axis and Y-axis is called the imaginary axis.

  1. All complex numbers which are purely real on X-axis.
  2. All complex numbers which are purely imaginary on Y-axis.
  3. The origin corresponds to 0 + 0i
a) How to represent the conjugate of a complex number in Argand Plane.

 is the conjugate of P(x, y) As you can see in the diagram, is the mirror image of P on real axis.

b) How to represent negative of a complex number in the Argand Plane.

P(x, y) has its negative p1 (-x, -y). If P is in the first Quadrant, P1 is in the third quadrant. If another complex number Q is in the second quadrant, its negative is in the fourth quadrant. In general, the negative of aomplex number in the Argand plane is a reflection about the origin or a rotated image of the original number through 180°.

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