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Conic sections are among the oldest curves, and is one of the oldest math subject studied systematically and thoroughly. The conics seems to have been discovered by Menaechmus (a Greek mathematician and geometer born in Alopeconnesus, 375-325 BC), tutor to Alexander the Great


Appollonius was the first to base the theory of all three conics on sections of one circular cone, right or oblique. He is also the one to give the name ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Apollonius was born around 262 BC in the town of Perga, in what is now Turkey. He is sometimes called Apollonius of Perga because of the place where he was born. His book Conics was very famous, and people went on studying it for hundreds of years. Eventhough they were discovered some 2500 years back, no important scientific applications were found for the conics until the 17th century, when Kepler discovered that planets move in ellipses and Galileo proved that projectiles travel in parabolas. 

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