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Environmental Pollution

Environment constitutes air, water, soil, the atmosphere and the plants that are around us. Environmental chemistry deals with the chemical phenomenon taking place around us, and the damage it causes to environment. It is also related to biology, agriculture, medicine and public health. In recent years air, water and soil are getting polluted due to human activity and causing threat to the very existence of life on the planet, earth. Earth is the only planet in the solar system having a special condition for the survival of the living organisms. In view of this, it is not only necessary but also essential for various living organisms to live in harmony - a kind of mutual coexistence on earth is the need of the hour. In recent years, this mutual coexistence has been very much disturbed by human activity and the whole world is now trying hard to protect the environment. It has therefore, become necessary to educate people with regard to the environment, the damage caused to it due to the activities of the people, and the consequences.

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