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Major Regions of Atmosphere

The layer of air present around the earth is called the atmosphere. It absorbs a portion of electromagnetic radiations coming from the sun and transmits near u.v, visible, and near infrared radiations. It plays an important role in maintaining the heat balance on earth. The atmospheric air contains nitrogen and oxygen, in large proportions, while the rest of the gases like carbon dioxide etc. are present only in smaller proportions. Oxygen is the most important constituent present in the air. All the animals take in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide during respiration while plants utilize carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and release oxygen. Atmosphere can also supply nitrogen for the nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Once, the proportions of the gases, especially oxygen and nitrogen are disturbed by any human activity, the equilibrium of the ecosystem is lost and this leads to disastorous consequences. [Ecosystem - The relationship between all living systems and their surroundings is referred to as Ecosystem].

Major Regions of Atmosphere

Name of the  Atmosphere

Height in km.

Chemicals present

Use of the region




Maintenance of heat balance



Ozone (O3)

Prevents the u.v. radiations from falling on earths

Meso Sphere


O2+, NO-

Non-propagation of sound waves




Ionisation of gases

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