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  • Environmental pollution is caused by the effect of undesirable changes in the surrounding which has harmful effect on plants animals and human beings.
  • Troposphere is the lowest region of the atmosphere around 10km.
  • Stratosphere extends above troposphere up to 50km above sea level.
  • Ozone is an important constituent of the stratosphere.
  • Tropospheric pollution is due to the oxides of sulphur, nitrogen, carbon, halogen and also due to particulate pollution.
  • The gaseous pollutants come down to the earth in the form of acid rain.
  • The gases mentioned above trap the heat which results in global warming.
  • Increase in green house gases increases the temperature of the earth atmosphere. This can melt the polar caps and cause flood.
  • Ozone layer depleted due to man made chemicals resulting in a hole. Through this hole ultraviolet rays can reach earth and cause harm to the living things.
  • Environmental pollution can be significantly controlled by the following process
    1. good method of waste management
    2. new methods to follow by which we reduce waste and proper disposal

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