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Different arrangements of atoms that can be converted into one another without the breaking of bonds are referred to as conformers or rotamers. Under ordinary conditions these conformers are not isolable intermediates as their energy differences are very small. The energy difference between the fully eclipsed and staggered isomers of ethane, for example, is of the order of 3 kcal mol-1, and at room temperature, these isomers are rapidly interconvertible. The difference between conformational isomers and configurational isomers is that the configurational isomers are stable, isomers species, while the conformational isomers are not.

Newman projections of ethane
In this projection the molecule is viewed along the axis of the model from above and right. The central C - C is drawn as a straight line slightly tilted to right for the sake of clarity. The line is drawn somewhat longer. The front carbon is shown as the lower left hand carbon whereas the rear carbon is shown as the upper right hand carbon. Each carbon has three lines corresponding to three atoms / groups (say H in case of ethane).

Sawhorse projections of ethane

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