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An outlook of facts

  • Hydrocarbons are the compounds containing carbon and hydrogen only and they are the major sources of petrochemicals.

  • Hydrocarbons are broadly classified as aliphatic, Cyclic and aromatic according to their structures.

  • Alkanes undergo free radical substitution, combustion, oxidation and aromatization

  • Alkanes possess conformational isomerism with different forms viz., skew, staggered and eclipsed forms which tells about the stability of a molecule.

  • Alkenes are unsaturated compounds that can exhibit geometrical isomerism due to restricted rotation around carbon-carbon double bond.

  • Arenes are the aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives that undergo mainly electrophilic substitution reactions.

  • Aromaticity is given by Huckel's rule i.e. compounds must be planar and possess (4n+2)π electrons.

  • The nature of the substituents have a greater impact on the strength of the benzene ring.

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