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Negation of a Given Statement

The denial of a statement is called the negation of the statement
Consider the statement, " Feb. 15th 2009 is a Sunday".

The negation of this statement could be written as,
It is false that Feb. 15th 2009 is a Sunday
It is not the case that Feb. 15th 2009 is a Sunday
Feb. 15th 2009 is not a Sunday
If a given statement is represented by '', then negation of is symbolically represented as ''.

Write the negation for the following statements.
: Mahesh reads Economic Times
: Ram speaks English and Tamil
: 2 + 3 = 6
: It is raining.

: It is false that Mahesh reads Economic Times.
: It is not true that Ram speaks English and Tamil.
: It is false that 2 + 3 = 6.
: It is not true that, it is not raining.

Please link the animation: " Laws of Boolean Algebra " and "Switching Circuits" from CBSE, ch.14--- Mathematical Reasoning.

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