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Three Dimensional Representation of Organic Molecules

3-D view of organic molecule can be represented on paper by using solid wedge and dashed wedge formula. The solid wedge () is used to indicate a bond projecting from a plane of paper towards the observer and dashed wedge is used to depict the bond going away from the plane of paper.

Ex: CH4 is represented in 3-D view as follows
Molecular models are physical devices that are used for a better visualisation and perception of three-dimensional shapes of organic molecules. The three common types of molecular
models are used: (1) Framework model, (2) Ball-and-stick model, and (3) Space filling model.
  1. Framework model
    In this model only the pattern of bonds of a molecule are shown.
The atoms are not shown and exact size of atoms are also not shown.
  1. Ball and Stick model
    The ball and stick model is used to emphasize bonding of the atoms in the molecule.                         
Ball and stick model of methane
Balls represent the atoms and the stick denotes a bond.
  1. Space Filling Model

Space filling model of methane

The space model emphasize filling electron density. It conveys the volume occupied by each atom in the molecule.

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