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Two Dimensional Representation of Organic Molecules

  1. Complete and condensed formulae
    An organic compound can be represented complete formula by showing the Bonds by a "Stick" (dash -).
    These structural formulae can be represented, omitting some or covalent bonds such formulae are known as condensed formulae.
  2. Bond line structural formulae: This is another way simple representation of organic compounds.
    In this representation
    1. Carbon and Hydrogen atoms are written. C - C bonds are represented by lines, drawn in Zig - Zag fashion.
      Ex: i) CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3. This is pentane. Its bond line structural formulae is
    2. HC C - CH2 - CH3 (Butyne - 1) can be represented as
    3. A cyclic compound is represented by appropriate ring(polygon) without showing carbon and Hydrogen atoms.
      1. Cyclopropane is represented as
      2. Cyclopentane is represented as
    4. Substituted cyclic compounds are represented by showing substituent group or atom.

      Chloro cyclohexane

      Cyclo hexanol

    5. If the terminal group in a straight compound is a functional group, it is represented at the line junction which tells that the functional group is attached to the carbon atom.
      Ex: CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2 COOH, is represented as

      (CH3)2 CH CH2OH

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