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  • A sequence is an arrangement of numbers in a definite order according to some rule.
  • If is a sequence, is the corresponding series.
  • If the number of terms in a sequence or series is finite, we call it a finite sequence (series), otherwise it is infinite sequence (series).
  • If an Arithmetic Progression (A.P), every term either increases or decreases by a fixed quantity called the common difference.
    If is the term and , the common differences,

    where is the number of terms;
    A.M between
  • In a geometric progression (G.P) every term is either multiplied or divided by a fixed non-zero quantity to get the next term. This quantity is called the common ratio.
  • If is the term and the common ratio, then

    G.M =
    where a and b are the numbers between which G.M found.
  • A harmonic progression (H.P) is formed by the reciprocals of an A.P.
    forms a H.P
    H.M between = .
  • If A, G, H are the A.M, G.M and H.M between any two numbers, then
  • Miscellaneous series:

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