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Law of Combining Volume

Gay Lussac established this law. According to this law, the volumes of reactants and products involved in gaseous reactions are related to each other by small integers, provided the volumes are measured at the same temperature and pressure conditions. For example, in the reaction involving hydrogen and oxygen gases to give water vapour, it is found that two volumes of hydrogen combine with one volume of oxygen to give two volumes of water.

2H2(g) +       O2(g)           2H2O(g)

100 ml         50 ml           100 ml

100 ml of hydrogen combine with 50 ml of oxygen to give 100 ml of water vapour. Thus, the volumes of hydrogen and oxygen which combine together (i.e. 100 ml and 50 ml) bear a simple ratio of 2:1. Gay-Lussac's discovery of integer ratio in volume relationship is actually the law of definite proportions by volume.

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