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Reactions in Solutions

Expressing strength solutions:
  1. Mass percent
    Mass percent = Mass of solute/Mass of solution
  2. Mole Fraction
    If A and B are the compositions of the two solutions respectively, then their molefractions are given by
    XA = nA/nA + nB
    XB = nB/nA+nB
  3. Molarity (M)
    Molarity = no. of moles of the solute/ Volume of the solution in litres
  4. Molality (m)
    Molality = no. of moles of the solute / Mass of the solvent in Kg
Limiting Reagent: The reactant required for a chemical reaction when not present in sufficient quantity, limits the formation of the product. Such reactants which are consumed faster and not available for the completion of the reaction is known as limiting reagent.  

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