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Compounds of Group 13 Elements

  1. Oxides
    All the elements of Group 13 form oxides (M2O3). Their acidic character reduces on descending the group.
    B2O3 is acidic
    Al2O3 and Ga2O3 are amphoteric
    In2O3 and Tl2O3 are basic
    The oxides M2O3 are known as sesquioxide (sesqui means one and a half) as they can be represented as MO3/2.
  2. Hydroxides
    The nature of these hydroxides changes from weakly acidic to amphoteric and amphoteric to basic down the group.
    Bi(OH)3 > Al(OH)3 > Ga(OH)3 > In(OH)3 > Tl(OH)3
    Acidic Amphoteric Amphoteric Basic Strong base
    All the elements of Group 13 form hydroxides, M(OH)3. Their acidic character decreases on descending the group.

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