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Hydrides of Boron

Elements of group 13 do not react directly with hydrogen. Their hydrides are prepared by indirect methods.

Boron forms a large number of hydrides, called boranes, of the general formula BnHn+4 and BnHn+6. The most important of these boranes is B2H6, called diborane. It is prepared by the following methods

Mg3B2    + H3PO4 Mixture of boranes B2H6
Magnesium boride                                           Diborane      

2BCl3 + 6H2 B2H6 + 6HCl
4BCl3 + 3LiAlH4 2B2H6 + 3LiCl + 3AlCl3
2NaBH4 + I2 B2H6 + H2 + 2NaI
(in polyether solvent)      

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