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Important points to recall
  • P-block elements possess a special property of inert pair effect (s electrons are inert and only the valence p electrons take part in chemical combination)
  • AlCl3 exists in the dimeric form- Al2Cl6
  • Diborane an important hydride of boron possess 3-centre-2-electron bridge bonds which are referred to as banana bonds
  • Silicones, the silico organic polymers can be used in water repellent clothes and insulating materials.
  • Fullerenes are the modern allotrope of carbon which has a shape like soccer ball called buckminsterfullerene.
  • Generally compounds of boron are electron deficient, hence they are called as lewis acids.
  • Carbon possess unique property of catenation by forming long chain compounds
  • Compound of carbon viz., CO combines haemoglobin forming carboxy haemoglobin which prevents the red blood cells in it carrying oxygen and ultimately results in death.

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