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Coordinate Geometry is a system of geometry where the position of plane is described using a pair of numbers. In Latin "coordinare" means "to set in order, arrange". This method of plotting points was first introduced by René Descartes. He was a French philosopher and his work had a great influence on both mathematicians and philosophers.

Rene Descartes
1596 - 1650

The coordinate system has been used throughout history for navigation, archaeology and space exploration. But today the coordinate system has been modified and used for different purposes. For example, the Archaeological Grids are used to painstakingly comb a site for artifacts. The Polar Coordinates helps to track aircrafts.Planetocentric Coordinates are used by NASA to map Mars' surface and atmosphere. Computer coordinates are used as a grid of tiny dots that make up animations and graphics.

Laying out an archaeological grid

Grid site is in Salonica (Thessaloniki) in northern Greece, the Roman Agora


Creating a grid system is basic to most archaeological sites.

Radar Display in a Cockpit uses polar coordinates.

Co-ordinate geometry is basically a study of geometry using algebra. Since analytical method is used in dealing with geometry, we also call this branch of mathematics as "Analytical geometry".

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