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Organ and Organ Systems

We hear many sounds every day. Which organ helps us to hear these sounds? Which organ tells us the taste of the food we eat? How do we come to know the fragrance of flowers?

In answering these questions, you name a particular organ. However, we cannot say that a single specific organ carries out a bodily function such as respiration, digestion, circulation, excretion and reproduction. These functions have different stages. At every stage, a particular organ carries out a particular task in a specific way. A group of organs working together to carry out a common bodily function is called as organ system. A number of systems such as the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system are constantly at work in our body.

There are several organs in the human body. The stomach, intestines and heart are examples. Each of these organs consists of several tissues. The heart consists of muscle tissue, epithelial tissue, connective tissue and vascular tissue. Though each of these tissues is specialized differently, collectively they form a distinct organ, the function of which is to pump blood and help it to circulate in the body. A group of organs performing a common function is called organ system, e.g. the digestive system. The human body consists of many such organ systems.




Skeletal system

Bones and cartilage

Giving shape, support and protection

Muscular system

Voluntary, involuntary and cardiac muscles

Controlling movements in the body

Circulatory system

Heart and blood vessels

Transporting food, oxygen, enzymes, hormones, etc., to various parts of the body

Respiratory system

Nose, nasal passage, Larynx, trachea and lungs.

Taking in oxygen for oxidation and sending out carbon dioxide

Excretory system

Kidneys, skin and lungs

Eliminating waste products (metabolic waste products)

Reproductive system

Testes or ovaries

Creating a new living organism of the same kind


Human Organ Systems

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