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Shape of d-Orbital

Boundary surface diagrams of the d orbitals are shown in the above figure. There are five orbitals which are designated as dxy, dyz,dxz.dx2-y2,dz2. The shape of 3dz2 orbital is different from that of others but all five 3d orbitals are equivalent in energy.

Shapes of 3d Orbitals

For d orbitals, the value of l = 2. For l = 2, five values of m are permissible. These are +2, +1, 0, -1, and -2. Hence, there are five orbitals of d type.
The knowledge of the shapes of these orbitals is essential as it is useful in discussing the chemistry of many elements. Displaying the shapes of five 3d orbitals. These may be broadly classified into two categories: (i) Orbitals having maximum probability distribution along the axes (3dz2and 3d x2-y2) and (iii) Orbitals having maximum probability distribution in between the two axes (3dxy, 3dyz and 3dxz).  

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