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Absolute Error, Relative Errors and Percentage Errors

Absolute Error
The magnitude of the difference of true value and the measured value is called absolute error.

Thus, absolute error = true value – measured value

If we regard arithmetic mean as the true value, than absolute error in the i th measurements is given by
Δ ai =

It is expressed in the units of measured value. The final absolute error is taken as the arithmetic mean of the absolute errors in various measurements. Thus,
Δ =
or Δ =


If we take a single measurement, then the result of measurement will lie between
and .


Relative and Percentage Errors
The knowledge of relative error is more important than the absolute error in a measurement.
  1. The relative error is defined as the ratio of the absolute error to the true value.
    Thus, the relative error is given by
    δa = ,
    Where (arithmetical mean) has been taken as the true value.
    The percentage error is given by
  2. Percentage error =
    × 100

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