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Range of Lengths

The sizes of the objects we come across in the universe vary over a very wide range.

These may vary from the size of the order of 10–14 m of the tiny nucleus of an atom to the size of the order of 1026 m of the extent of the observable universe.

We also use certain special length units for short and large lengths. These are
1 fermi = 1f = 10–15 m
1 angstrom = 1Å = 10–10 m
1 astronomical unit = 1 AU (average distance of the Sun from the Earth)

                           = 1.496 × 1011 m

1 light year = 1ly= 9.46 × 1015 m (distance traveled by Light with velocity of 3 × 108 m s–1 in 1 year)
1 parsec = 3.08 × 1016 m (Parsec is the distance at which average radius of earth’s orbit subtends an angle of 1 arc second)

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