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An adjective may be defined as a describing word. It describes the noun.


Gopi the elephant is a big animal.

He has one bat.

Mrs. Cow wears a red saree.

The word big says more about the Noun - animal. (describes)

How is the animal?

The animal is big.

The word one says more about the noun bat.

How many bats are there?

There is one bat.


In the same way, the word red says more about the saree.

What is the colour of the saree?

The saree is red in colour.


The words big, one and red are describing words or Adjectives.



Adjective- describes

Colour, material, shape, size, amount, price, quality, origin, personality, weight, temperature, height, age, direction, etc.


1. That’s a good film. (What kind of film?)


2. He wears a pink shirt.

(What colour of shirt?)


3. Ashoka is a famous person.

(What kind of a person?)


4. We have enough water this summer.

(How much water?)

5. She needs two books.

(How many books?)

The adjectives are words which are used to modify nouns. When the adjectives change in form to show comparison, they are called degrees of comparison.



The adjective sweet is said to be in the positive degree.

The adjective sweeter is said to be in the comparative degree.

The adjective sweetest is said to be in the superlative degree.



Degrees of Adjective

Adjectives – Comparative / Superlative


From the above pictures, you can make out that Mrs. Cow is taller than Miss Kitty.

Here we are comparing the heights of Miss Kitty and Mrs. Cow.


We use the comparative degree of adjectives when we compare two persons or things.

The comparative degree of tall is taller.

We get the comparative degree of adjectives by :-

  • Adding 'er' to the adjective. (eg.) long - longer. tall - taller
  • Using more before the adjective. For eg. beautiful - more beautiful.

Usually we add than after the adjective while using the comparative degree.

(e.g) Mrs. Cow is taller than Miss Kitty




Superlative degree


From the above pictures, you can make outthat Uncle Peng is the tallest among the four of them.

We use the Superlative Degree of adjectives to show the comparison between more than two persons, places or things.

The superlative degree of tall is ‘tallest.’


We get the superlative degree of adjectives by :-

1. adding 'est' to the adjective. For eg. long - longest.

2. using most or least before the adjective. For eg. beautiful - most beautiful.

3.Do not, however, do both!

Usages such as these are wrong:

the most brightest, most happiest, or least angriest

4.We also use the definite article 'the' while using the superlative degree.

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