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  • The work or activities done by the people can be classified into 3 Sectors - Primary, secondary and tertiary.
  • All activities connected with extraction and production of natural resources can be classified under Primary Activities.
  • All activities connected with the manufacturing of goods with natural resources can be classified under Secondary activities.
  • All activities that provide support to the primary and secondary sectors through services are classified under Tertiary activities.
  • The word agriculture is the English adaptation of the Latin word ‘agricultūra’.
  • In commercial Farming crops are grown and animals are reared for sale in the market, that is, for commercial purposes, while in Subsistence farming crops are grown mainly for the farmer’s family needs.
  • A large variety of crops are grown to meet the needs of the growing population.
  • Efforts are constantly being made to increase farm production in order to meet the growing demand of increasing population.

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