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Monomials, Binomials and Polynomials

Based on the number of terms of the polynomial they are classified as monomial, binomial, trinomial and so on.



A polynomial is said to be a monomial if it contains one term

Eg: Harry is having 7 Roses then it is denoted by 7x. Here 7x is a monomial



A polynomial is said to be a binomial if it contains two terms


Example : Harry is having 9 Roses and 5 jellies then we form a algebraic expression as

9x + 5y

 x denotes number of Roses

y denotes number of jellies

9x + 5y is a polynomial which contains two terms.



 A polynomial is said to be a trinomial if it contains three terms.


Example : Harry is having 8 Roses, 6 jellies and 5 chocolate then the algebraic expression is given by 8x + 6y + 5z.

Here x denotes number of roses

y denotes number of jellies

z denotes number of chocolates.

8x + 6y + 5z is a trinomial which contains three terms.



In general, if the expression contains one or more terms whose coefficient is non-zero then it is called a polynomial.


Example : 4x + 4xy +17xz2 - 10 y2z + 19


Constant Polynomial

A polynomial containing one term consisting of a constant is called a constant polynomial. The degree of a constant polynomial is 0.


Example : 8, -6,

Terms of a Polynomial in Ascending or Descending Order

The terms of a polynomial are said to be in ascending or descending order if they increase or decrease in degrees respectively.


Example : ® Ascending order.

® Descending order

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