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When the British gained political power in India their first aim was territorial conquest and control over Indian revenue. As they established themselves they felt that they had to change the culture and traditions followed by the Indian. They felt the Indians had to be civilized and educated so that they would be better British subjects.

How were the British going to bring about a cultural change in India? Haw were they supposed to instil their traditions here? These were questions to which they did not have a ready answer.


The English East India Company wielded power over Indian Territory from 1612 to 1858. Later India came under the direct rule of the British monarch from 1858 to 1947. India gained independence in 1947.


Over a period of many years, after debates and discussions, certain ideas on how to educate the Indian evolved among the British authorities.

The Indians reacted sharply to the introduction of new ideas in the field of education. Many Indian leaders had their own ideas of how to improve education among the Indians.

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