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New Routines, New Rules

In the beginning the Company was concerned primarily with higher education. The local pathshalas functioned as usual. After 1854 the Company decided to improve the system of vernacular education.
  • Rules were imposed

  • Routine was established

  • Regular inspections were held

Changes that were Introduced in the Pathshalas

  • Government pandits were appointed. Each pandit was in charge of four to five schools. The pandit visited the pathshalas and tried to improve the standard of teaching.

  • Each guru or teacher in the pathshalas asked to submit periodic reports and take classes according to a regular timetable.

  • Teaching was now to be based on textbooks and learning was to be tested through a system of annual examination.

  • Students were asked to pay a regular fee, attend regular classes, sit on fixed seats, and obey the new rules of discipline.

  • Pathshalas which accepted the new rules were supported through government grants. Those who were unwilling to work within the new system received no government support.

Consequences of the Changes that were Introduced

  • Pathshalas that wanted to retain their old method of teaching found it difficult to compete with the pathshalas that changed and received government grant.

  • Peasant’s children who were able to study in the old pathshalas because of the flexible timetable found it difficult to attend the new schools.

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