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  • The British officials formulated a plan to educate the ‘native Indians’.

  • Jones Henry Thomas Colebrooke and Nathaniel Halhed set up the Asiatic Society of Bengal.

  • The British hoped to win a place in the hearts of the ‘Native Indians’ by teaching them the languages they were familiar with.

  • James Mill views on education for the native Indians.

  • Macaulay view on the need to teach the English language.

  • The English Education Act was introduced in 1835.

  • In 1854, Charles Wood sent an educational despatch known as the Wood’s Despatch.

  • The Wood’s Despatch stated that learning English will be an advantage to the Indians.

  • Report on pathshalas in Bengal and Bihar.

  • Rules and regulations introduced in local schools and its consequences.

  • The Agenda for a National Education.

  • Gandhiji’s and Tagore’s view on Western education.

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