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Question 1

Define natural resources.

The resources that are obtained in nature are called natural resources, for example air, water, soil minerals.


Question 2

What is meant by inexhaustible natural resources?

The inexhaustible natural resources are in unlimited quantity and are not likely to be exhausted by human activities. For example, sunlight, air etc.


Question 3

What is meant by exhaustible natural resources?

The exhaustible natural resources are limited in nature and can be exhausted by human activities. For example, coal, petroleum, minerals, etc.


Question 4

Can we use all our natural resources forever?

No, we can’t use all our natural resources forever.


Question 5

Explain the fossil fuel.

Some of the exhaustible natural resources are formed from the dead remains of living organisms and are known as fossil fuel.


Question 6

Where do we get coal and how is it formed?

we get coal deep in the earth’s crust in coal mines. It is formed by the slow decomposition of dead trees and other vegetable matter buri deep in the earths crust under high pressure and temperature.


Question 7

What is meant by carbonization?

The slow process of conversion of dead vegetation into coal is called as carbonization.


Question 8

What is a fuel? What are the characteristic of a good fuel?

A fuel is a form of matter, that is used to produce heat energy or power burning.

The characteristics of a good fuel are:

a. it must be easily available

b. it must have low cost

c. it should be clean and odourless

d. it should be easily transportable

e. it should produce more energy in proportion to its mass

f. it should leave very little ash after burning

Question 9

What is the difference between coke and coal?


Coke Coal
It is an amorphous form of carbon It is a non crystalline form of carbon
It is obtained by heating soft coal in the absence or limited supply of air It is obtained by the decay of vegetation, which existed millions of years ago

Question 10

What is meant by destructive distillation?

The process of heating coal in the absence of air, to get coke is called as destructive distillation.

Question 11

Name the petroleum product used for metalling the roads in place of coal tar?

‘Bitumen’ a petroleum product is used for metalling the roads in place of coal tar.


Question 12

What are the use of LPG?

The LPG is used as fuel gas for home and industry.


Question 13

What are the different constituents of petroleum?

The different constituents of petroleum are:

a. LPG

b. petrol

c. kerosene

d. diesel

e. lubricating oil

f. paraffin wax

Question 14

How would you demonstrate the process of destructive distillation of coal in the laboratory?


Destructive Distillation of Coal

After arranging the apparatus in the laboratory, coal powder is taken in hard glass test tube, and fix a cork with one hole and glass tube bent at 90° . Test tube is clamped with the stand. In second test tube, we take some amount of water and fix a rubber cork with two holes and each has glass tubes as per figure. Now set the apparatus as per figure and heat the hard glass tube with burner – ultimately we get the solid residue in hard glass tube and coke.

Question 15

What are hydrocarbons?

The compounds of carbon and hydrogen are called hydrocarbon.


Question 16

Define the terms ‘petrochemicals’.

Petrochemicals are the substances obtained from petroleum and natural gas. They are used in the manufacture of detergents, fibres, polythene etc.


Question 17

What are the different tips for the saving of petrol/diesel?

petroleum conservation research association advices people to save the petrol/diesel, in the following ways:

a. drive at a constant and moderate speed

b. switch off the engine at traffic lights or when have to wait

c. ensure correct tyre pressure

d. ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle

Question 18

Can coal, petroleum and natural gas be prepared in the laboratory from dead organisms?


No, coal, petroleum and natural gas can’t be prepared in the laboratory from dead organisms.


Question 19

What is meant by ‘natural gas’?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, that is stored under high pressure as compressed natural gas (CNG).

It is also used as a starting material for the manufacturing of a number of chemicals and fertilizers.


Question 20

Name the different places in India, where natural gas has been formed.

On our country, natural gas has been formed in tripura, jaiselmer and in the offshore of Mumbai and in the Krishna godavari delta.


Question 21

What are the four different uses of the petroleum products?

The different uses of petroleum products are:

a. petrol is used as motor fuel, Aviation fuel and solvent for dry cleaning

b. kerosene is used as fuel for stoves, lamps and jet aircrafts

c. Diesel is used as fuel foe heavy motor vehicles, electric generators etc

d. paraffin wax is used as ointment, candles and Vaseline

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