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With the establishment of British power many things changed in India. The country side changed so did cities and towns.
  • The change that occurred in cities and towns varied according to the type of city or town it was.
  • The changes that took place in Madurai, a temple town in Tamil Nadu, were not as rapid as Dacca which was a manufacturing town.
  • Surat, a port on the western coast of India, also developed rapidly.
  • In Western countries like America and Great Britain, modern cities emerged with industrialisation.
  • In Britain, industrial cities like Leeds and Manchester grew rapidly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as more and more people sought jobs, housing and other facilities in these places
  • Indian cities did not expand as rapidly in the nineteenth century. Few cities like Bombay, Madras and Calcutta developed in the late 18th century as the British established their ports in these coastal cities.

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