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Let us first recap as to what marginalization is.


In society certain communities are ignored and excluded because they speak a different language, follow different customs or belong to a different religious group from the majority community. This is called marginalization.

Marginalization is the social process of being confined to a lower social standing. Marginalization involves people being denied their fundamental rights which results in lowering their economic and social status. They experience inequality and discrimination.

Many communities are marginalized in India; some of them are the Adivasis, Dalits and Muslims.

Though powerless, these groups have fought, protested and struggled against being excluded or dominated by the majority communities. The marginalized communities have tried many ways to overcome the discrimination they face.

  • Religious solace
  • Armed struggle
  • Self improvement
  • Education
  • Economic progress

The choice of struggle depended on the circumstances faced by the marginalised communities.


Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, women and other marginalized groups feel that as citizens of democratic India, they have all the Fundamental Rights awarded to majority communities. These marginal groups rely on the Constitution of India and the Judiciary System to protect them from continued exploitation by other groups.

The marginalized groups and individuals are constantly struggling to overcome inequalities and gain acceptance and equal rights.


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