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  • The marginalized communities have tried many ways to overcome the discrimination they face through, religious solace, armed struggle, self improvement, education, economic progress.
  • The Constitution of India lays down the principles that make our society democratic.
  • Untouchability is a punishable crime now. The Constitution ensures that the culture of these marginalized groups are not dominated nor wiped out by the culture of the majority community.
  • There are specific laws and policies for the marginalised in India.
  • The Government sets up committees and undertakes surveys to arrive at policies and schemes that will benefit the marginalized.
  • In addition to policies our country also has specific laws that guard against the discrimination and exploitation of marginalised communities.
  • Manual scavenging refers to the practice of removing human and animal waste/excreta using brooms, tin plates and baskets from dry latrines and carrying it on the head to disposal grounds some distance away.
  • Adivasi activists refer to the 1989 Act to defend their right to occupy land that was traditionally theirs.

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