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Endemic Species

Certain species of plants and animals which are found in abundance in a particular area is called as endemic species. A particular species of animal or plant may be endemic to a zone, a state or a country.  So, you can see more number of these animals in that particular area. It means that koala and kangaroo are endemic species of Australia. Look at the table showing endemic flora and fauna of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve.

Example : Marsupials like Koala and Kangaroo are native to Australia.



Endemic flora

Endemic fauna

Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve

Sal tree and wild mango tree

Bison, Indian giant squirrel and flying squirrel


Example :

Do you know how endemic species become endangering?

Solution :

Due to destruction of their habitat, increasing population and introduction of new species to that particular area may affect the natural habitat of endemic species and make them endanger (in a stage to disappear from the world).

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