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Wildlife Conservation

Due to the growing impact of deforestation, continuous efforts are being made by various government and non governmental organizations to protect the endangered species of wildlife.

Significance of Wildlife conservation

Wildlife is important for four main reasons:

  • Aesthetic Value: By their unique way of existence, these organisms add to the natural beauty of this globe.

  • Economic value: The economies of several nations sustain on the financial value of wild species. For example, valuable substances like wood, fibers, meat and other foods, skins and furs are got from plants and animals.

  • Scientific value: Scientists gain valuable knowledge about various life processes and discover important medical products.

  • Survival value: Wildlife helps in maintaining the balanced living systems on earth.

Objectives of Wildlife Conservation

Conservation of wild life has three objectives:

  • To maintain essential ecological processes and life supporting systems, i.e., air, water and soil.
  • To preserve diversity of species.
  • To ensure continuous use of species and ecosystems for greater economic value.

Methods of Wildlife conservation :
Conservation of living resources is concerned with living organisms and its supporting non-living environment. Scientists have proposed some steps to save the existing species of wild life :

  1. Species which are endangered throughout the range should be preserved with special attention. An endangered species should be given priority over a vulnerable one, a vulnerable over a rare one and a rare species over other.

  2. Wild relatives of economically valuable and useful plants and animals should be well preserved in their natural habitat. Safeguard their critical habitats like feeding, breeding, nursing and resting areas.

  3. For migratory or wide ranging animals, a net work of protected areas should be established to preserve the habitat of species. Bilateral or multilateral agreements should be made to set up the required network for the migration of birds from one place to the other.

  4. Unique ecosystems should be protected as a matter of priority. Only compatible species should be permitted. The productive capacities of exploited species and ecosystems have to be determined and its capacities should not be over-exploited.


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