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Agriculture Practice

  • Cultivation of same kind of plant in a large scale is called as crop
  • The first cultivated crop plants were cereals such as wheat, barley, rice and maize.
  • Their seeds are rich in carbohydrates and they therefore form the staple diet almost everywhere in the world.
  • Cereals also contain proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber

Tabulation showing crop plants with their varieties


Crop plants Varieties


Wheat, rice, barley, maize, ragi


Gram, peas, beans

Root crops

Sweet potato

Tuber crops

Potato, tapioca

Oil Seeds

Mustard, groundnut, sunflower

Sugar crops

Sugarcane, beetroot

Plantation crops

Coffee, tea, rubber, coconut

Fibre crops

Jute, cotton

Two broad crop patterns are found in India based on the temperature, humidity and rainfall.

Kharif Crop :

  • The crops which are sown in the rainy seasons are called as kharif crop. 
  • Generally they grow from June to September.
  • Paddy , maize , soyabeans are common kharif crops.
Rabi Crop :
  • These crops are grown in the winter season.
  • Generally they grow from October to March.
  • Wheat, mustard, peas are some of the crops grown.

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